Oxford American Legion Auxilliary

Miss Poppy of Unit 376

Connecting the visual image of the poppy with the sacrifice of service made by our veterans has been an important goal of the American Legion Auxiliary Poppy Program since its inception in 1921.

On Memorial Day and Veterans Day, millions of red crepe paper poppies, mostly handmade by veterans as part of their therapeutic rehabilitation, are distributed in exchange for donations that go directly to assist disabled and hospitalized veterans. Having a poppy representative was our way to help promote this important program.

Allison Beckwith, Miss Poppy 2013Miss Poppy participants must be between six and eighteen years of age, be a Junior member in good standing in our ALA unit, and promote the poppy. Selection of Miss Poppy is at the discretion of the Unit. There is no specific dress code for Miss Poppy but as you can see, our Miss Poppys have looked very patriotic.

2017-2019 Poppy Committee Chairmen: Terrill Sutton and Julie Blanford

Unit 376's first MISS POPPY, Allison Beckwith, was in the 2013 The 2014 Miss Poppy, Lacey, rode in the parade in a Mustang.Village of Oxford's Memorial Day Parade. This Junior Auxiliary member wore a satin sash and a garland of red paper poppies. She also wore a personal medal that was awarded her great-grandfather, Robert Carey, from WWII. Allison, a wonderful singer, performed the national anthem, "The Star-

Spangled Banner" at the Riverview Cemetery.

Our second, 2014 MISS POPPY was Lacey Marie Hathaway. Lacey is the great-grandaughter of WWII veteran Richard Charles. She wore the sash and rode in a convertable in the 2014 Memorial Day Parade.

Our third and fourth, 2015-2016 MISS POPPY was Brienne Paige Charles, a Junior ALA member since birth. Brie, Lacey's sister, is also the great-grandaughter of WWII veteran Richard Charles.

2016 Miss Poppy, Brienne Charles.

2018 Poppy Princesses - Jillian and Jocelyn Finch.Our 2017 & 2018 honorees were a pair of MISS POPPYs- Jillian and Jocelyn Finch (pictured at right). These two sisters are both Junior ALA members who carry on a great legacy in the American Legion. They are great-granddaughters of the late Auxiliary leader Sarah "Sally" Finch (well known today for the Finch Book and Education Fund), as well as their late great grandfathers: Floyd L. Finch and William H. Ballin, both veterans of WWII. They have a lot to be proud of!


Peggy Braman, a nineteen-year member of Unit 376 and daughter of Charles "Chuck" Braman, a US Marine, who served in the Korean conflict. Peggy is mother to Taylor Simpson. Taylor is the granddaughter of Dean Simpson, who served in the US Army in Vietnam. She joined the ALA as a Junior member back when she was 13 years-old. Years later, Taylor is mother to Allis May Montgomery. Taylor's daughter is three-year-old Allis, who's already been a Junior ALA member for two years.

2019 Three Poppy Princesses: Taylor Simpson, Allis Montgomery, and Peggy Braman presenting paper poppies to Oxford's Mayor Stark and Supervisor Wilcox on Memorial Day. The 3 Miss Poppys are 3 generations of our Auxiliary Unit 376! Taylor Simpson, Allis Montgomery, and Peggy Braman 2019 Miss Poppys


We of Unit 376 are very proud of our Junior members who represented us, with pride and diplomacy, as well as helping to promote the Memorial Poppies. Thank you all, ladies!

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